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Specialists in Baselight

OPENS at Integritex

‘The 35 kg LED BASELIGHT 420X’
50,000 lumens off-grid at flick of a switch
Ultra-portable, low energy, LED light tower,
6 in parallel with a 3 kva generator
Consume only 420W/3.8 amps of energy each 1.
Also power from vehicle inverter 12v/24v
IP67 rated, dimmable to 15W, can also be used indoors.
Six units + carried in a car/van/4WD etc.

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The full line of OREX products are “designed for nukes, by nukes,” which means that the specific requirements of nuclear facilities and power plants serve to inspire everything we make”


Chemical, nuclear or gaseous environments, contaminated or high-temperature: MATISEC provides total security for all your operations:


Manufacture and sale of clothing designed to protect against chemicalbiological and particulate radioactive contamination

Our Technology

We are working with some of the worlds very best manufacturers in the field of exceptionally protective clothing. Most of our business is with products that can be worn in highly toxic environments, without which the wearer’s health would certainly be damaged, and could possibly die…

Our Clients

We are proud to serve and protect a wide range of clients, ranging from medical to military, and from radioactive decommissioning to research laboratories…

Medi9 Sanitizers

Integritex are now proudly offering Medi9 sanitizers, in an exciting new collaboration with Nine Group International. These alcohol-free sanitizers are undoubtedly the best available, and come in spray, wipe, foam and fogging variants…

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