Who we are …


 Integritex Europe is a vibrant family owned business located in rural South Oxfordshire, England. With such familiar local names such as the Harwell Atomic Research Centre, the JET Project, AWE and various other scientific hubs nearby, we have been on the pulse of the nuclear industry for decades.

 Since 1990 we have been concentrating on barrier protection, researching and sourcing the very best PPE and RPE products to help protect lives against chemical, biological and radioactive contamination.

 A constant quest for high quality and high technology in user friendly protection has taken us to the forefront of the barrier protection industry. From clothing, to flood control, to sanitation products, we have your needs covered.

 We are refining an EU range of high performance dissolvable garments and related accessories which will at last provide open-minded and safety conscious RPA’s with the opportunity to take a significant and ecological step forward in providing increased personal safety for their C2, C3 and C4 site workers.

 Separately to our disposable, dissolvable products, we work closely with Indutex S.p.A to convert non-wovens, and with an enviable international reputation, renowned and unbeatable seam quality, and high performance coupled with cutting-edge barrier integrity, we work as partners on special projects.

 Discovering new and improved ways to guard against life-threatening hazards in a range of sectors is our passion, fuelled by the great work we have done with a wide range of market sectors.



Our relationship with both supplier and client is ‘if you can draw it, we can make it’. This has led to being able to provide the single-use marketplace with bespoke barrier products: extra long arms or legs on garments, specially shaped instrument covers, you name it, Integritex is more than able to help, and moreover, we gain much satisfaction in offering clients a multiplicity of solutions. We have long been involved in helping protect Pharmaceutical & Chemical Manufacturing workers, both sectors where


specialist safety products are needed in order to preserve persons from extremely hostile and potentially life threatening environments. Sterile Kits capable of use in Class 100 areas, composed of whatever items need to be packed together, is an option Integritex can offer the discerning customer who may require such for drug manufacturing environments or electronic industry clean areas. For Air-Fed Hoods & Suits made from conventional materials i.e. PVC/PU, Integritex UK works with


Matisec; a French manufacturer who supplies more than 60% of AF Suits/Hoods for French Nuclear in respect of radioactive particulate protection. With their help we offer, in addition to AF items, the so called’ cover-suits’; sacrificial layers that provide reduced contamination to main suits.

Integritex Europe: With Nuclear being cosmopolitan in function, Integritex very soon was being drawn into the Continental European sector of the industry. With huge potential in Europe they opened a sales and marketing office in the south of France. Most recently, with an eye upon looming German requirements Integritex has opened an office in Hamburg. Native speakers within these addresses are able to assist in offering everything that the UK benefits from when dealing with Integritex UK.