Their many years of research, development and production have instilled in them a protective instinct and a commitment to keeping you safe. That instinct continues to grow…




Matisec, a company based in the Rhone-Alps region of France near to Lyon, has specialized in the production of safety equipment for hostile environments for over thirty five years. Their personnel are highly experienced and up-to-date on the newest risks, thus they can offer customers increasingly high-performance equipment.

They develop and manufacture, in different plants:

  • Self-contained insulating and filtering breathing apparatus (SCBAs)
  • Type 1 & 2 Gas tight/Air tight chemical suits and protective clothing
  • Ventilated protective suits and hoods for the nuclear industry 1073 pt.1
  • Specific installations, bespoke engineering proposals for protection and breathing air installations

Their product range of Protective Personal Equipment embraces a wide range of Cat.3 products.

Matisec manufactures and supplies > 60,000 Air-Fed Single-Use Suits to the French nuclear industry each year.

Integritex is sole UK importer, stockist, and distributor.


AF Full Face Mask worn inside a single-use pvc suit

AF Full Face Mask worn inside a single-use pvc suit