The full line of OREX products are “designed for nukes, by nukes,” which means that the specific requirements of nuclear facilities and power plants serve to inspire everything we make — from mops and wipes to our revolutionary coveralls. And our ongoing collaboration with plant customers ensures that the industry’s priorities and concerns are given first consideration when it comes to OREX product development.


All our products are manufactured from a special, degradable polymer that is environmentally friendly. Following use, products can be treated using a proprietary process that converts the product into a biodegradable organic solution from which the radioactive contaminants can be removed resulting in notable rad waste volume reduction.

OREX clothing is lightweight and comfortable; garments are breathable and tend to reduce heat stress.; they are also very durable. OREX clothing is routinely used at many utilities for all sorts of activities including scaffolding installation, steam generator platform work, refuel cavity decontamination, drywell entries, shielding installation, and fuel transfer canal work.


OREX clothing advantages:

  1. OREX garments are lighter and more comfortable.
  2. OREX garments can be treated using OREX processing technology after use.
  3. OREX offers protection against personal contamination and is vastly superior to current launderable garments.
  4. OREX products can be stockpiled ahead of a project thus laundry shipments during outages are not needed.
  5. OREX use leads to a dramtic reduction in personnel contamination events.

These advantages mean that OREX customers get superior product performance with substantial cost savings over traditional protective clothing.