Integritex are working with some of the worlds very best manufacturers in the field of exceptionally protective clothing.


A significant proportion of our portfolio consists of products which can be worn in highly toxic environments and without which the wearers would probably die. With such high stakes we can only afford to go to market with the most effective products available.






Indutex have 35 years of non-woven manufacturing experience. They have an enviable record globally for their ability to fabricate limited life products with seams that are the best available. Satisfied end-users include American Military, The FBI, NYFB, to name just a few serious First Responder type clients. In the past 10 years Indutex have developed their own range of in-house materials from Type 6 through to Type 1 along with a whole range of Cat 1 items. Their recent ‘Extreme’ material is 21st Century cutting edge in respect of some of the most dangerous chemicals known to man. Today many pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturers across Europe enjoy all the benefits of enhanced safety when asked to work in contact with all sorts of hazardous to health nasties. Indutex suits are certified to the following standards:


EN 14605/05

EN 13982-1/05

EN 1073-2/03

EN 14126/04 *

UNI EN 1149-1/97

UNI EN 1149-2/99

UNI EN 1149-3/05

*EN14126 is the Biological Protection standard which brings together all the tests and procedures for determining resistance to microbiological pathogens.  This is the “gold standard” in the industry and the requirement that the World Health Organization is using when writing PPE standards.



Knowing that the UK marketplace, in many instances, still insists upon using Air Fed Hoods & Suits made from conventional PVC,  Integritex searched for a suitable partner with whom to satisfy such a mind-set. Matisec, a French company, based near Lyon, with 40 years experience in the HazChem market are our solution. Presently they enjoy a significant share of the French nuclear consumption of single-use PVC airfed suits – 60,000 standard products per annum are consumed by EDF, plus a host of special products. The formation of bespoke safety items is a key Matisec trait. Matisec suits are certified to the following standards:








EN 14593/EN14594.



Their leadership team’s history of working in and around the nuclear industry — including providing laundry services — clued us in to the greatest challenges for nuclear power plants who are pertaining to ‘protective clothing and overall radwaste reduction’. Orex enhances personal contamination protection while making a notable reduction in waste — delivering significant cost savings and improving operational efficiency. In just a few years since the introduction of the OREX product and processing technology, more than 40 U.S. nuclear stations have realized all those benefits and more; in the region of 80% of working USA NPP’s. Orex garments meet all USA certification and safety standards.