Integritex is a stockist and distributor for some of the world’s most skilled manufacturers of personal protective clothing which offers 21st century levels of barrrier protection against chemical, biological, radiation, and other life threatening hazards.

There are different types of protective clothing that can be worn during hazardous work, ranging from something as simple as gloves to a full protective chemical suit with respirator or at the furthest end of the scale, air-fed hoods and air-fed suits.

The recommendations for PPE are based on an activity-based, job hazard analysis of possible hazards including skin contact, air concentrations, heat stress, etc. There are four major risks identified with protective clothing: residual contamination, chemical skin contamination, radiological skin contamination, and heat stress.

If the hazard present is minor or a nuisance, minimal protection is warranted. This may be in the form of disposable coveralls made from non-wovens or durable ones made from traditional woven materials. As the hazards to the body increase, so does the level of protection needed.


Manufacture and sale of clothing designed to protect against chemical & biological and particulate radioactive contamination


Designed for nukes, by nukes,” which means that the specific requirements of nuclear facilities and power plants serve to inspire everything we make


Chemical, nuclear or gaseous environments, contaminated or high-temperature: MATISEC provides total security for all your operations

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